Well for Sierra Leone

Teachers at the ‘SOZIALWISSENSCHAFTLICHE GYMNASIUM UND KUNSTGYMNASIUM’ high school in Bruneck are asking for help supporting a well-digging project for a prison in Sierra Leone, a country in West Africa. Prof. Charly Brunner has written the following text about the project.

“The stench is unbelievable; there are no toilets. In the dry season there is no water either. The cells are so small that prisoners are forced to sleep in shifts because there isn't enough room on the floor. There are no mattresses, no furniture or blankets. There is only filth, excrement and bars. This was written to me by my former fellow student Lothar Wagner, who has been working with children and youth in Sierra Leone for a number of years.

He now wants to dig a well in a children's prison because there is no potable water for the people there. This prison is not occupied by murderers or drug dealers, but by children who used to live on the street and were simply locked up because they were in the way.

If we are not able to free these children, most of whom are innocent, we should at least see to it that they have access to clean water. It would be wonderful if we South Tyroleans could make a contribution to this project. Please give what you can to ease the suffering of these children.

Maybe there is the opportunity to make a contribution in your schools, among your friends or even on your own. In this prison, every drop counts!”

This project was organized by the teachers of the Bruneck ‘Sozialwissenschaftliches Gymnasium und Kunstgymnasium’ high school in cooperation with ‘social network south tyrol’ and ‘Jugend Eine Welt’ in Austria  http://www.jugendeinewelt.at

Our bank account:
Banca Popolare dell'Alto Adige - Volksbank
IBAN: IT92 M058 5658 2200 7057 1307 330
Reference: Well Sierra Leone

Foto: Eduardo Fonseca Arraes (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 / no changes made)

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